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25" S-Clasp Chain of Frodo Baggins.
Sterling Silver LotR, Weta Collectables
RRP: £99.99
Barahir, The Ring of Aragorn, Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver. LotR. Weta Collectables.
RRP: £174.99
Elven Earrings. Sterling Silver.
Hobbit, LotR. Weta Collectables.
RRP: £89.99
King Llane's Lion Head Ring, Sterling Silver.
Warcraft. Rocklove.
RRP: £299.99
King Thranduil Ring, Sterling Silver.
Hobbit. Weta Collectables.
RRP: £149.99
Nenya, The Ring of Galadriel, Sterling Silver.
LotR, Hobbit. Weta Collectables.
RRP: £169.99
One Ring with Runes - Sterling Silver Replica
LotR, Hobbit. Jens Hansen.
RRP: £169.99
One Ring With Runes, 10K Solid Gold Replica.
LotR. Hobbit. Jens Hansen.
RRP: £1,249.99
One Ring with Runes, 18k Gold Plated Prop Replica.
Hobbit, LotR. Jens Hansen.
RRP: £114.99